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Adjusting to life and living in Morocco and lone

Men whistling at women. Men shouting at women. Men making kissing sounds at women in the streets is an omnipresent in Morocco. However, Moroccan women...

  1. Men whistling at women. Men shouting at women. Men making kissing sounds at women in the streets is an omnipresent in Morocco. However, Moroccan women appeared flattered rather than upset, it was almost as if this was an acceptable behaviours within Moroccan culture in Morocco. And while I am writing this post, a call to prayer begun and queued up with Jimi Hendrix. At this moment, my memories became surreal. As the clash of two cultures player out in me..... I like the American culture more.

  2. Sounds terrible though... I am going back very soon to Morocco from the US and I can tell you that your post is giving me many racing second thoughts! So nothing is good out there? other than family life and yummy food??

  3. Please do not base your decision of moving or not moving to Morocco based solely on my views about life and living in Morocco. I am not you and you're not me and Morocco isn't us (you and I.) Each of us creates hell and heaven, Gods and demons, make ourselves rich or poor.... in every f*cking sense one can be rich and poor. Happiness is satisfaction and satisfaction comes from desire which in turn is that which brings pleasure. Happiness, perhaps is, just behind our consciousness door... state of mind....., realize what is blocking it and be free.... be free.... be fucking free.

  4. yeah could be true, but we are social animals and our environments and poeple we interact with affect our moods which has a huge impact on our emotions and thougths and actions... we would create our hell or heaven by ourselves only if we live on an island I believe.... well some people are more receptive and sensitive to their environment than others so yes it depends on each person. btw, what's up with the "be fucking free"? :D

  5. Perhaps I am projecting but that is how I feel now.

  6. hmmm, I see, you do sound in a very intense mood today though buddy! ;)

  7. No. Quite the contrary, very relaxed and happy and contained

  8. Nice... must be passion what I sensed in what you wrote then ;) contained and "be fucking free" dont match I think.....I must be wrong :)

  9. Guessing and feelings aren't reliable way of scientifically judging. You should know that. And you should also know that in human science, same conditions do not always lead to the same conclusions. Basics

  10. Not everything ca be explained in a scientific way... plus I am just teasing...... ;) we're just talking here, nothing to judge, no conclusions to make!

  11. Okay. Fine. thank you for your time and comments, love to chat again. I am logging off. Bye now.

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