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Kay Griggs: Colonel's Wife Tell-All Interview

A 8 hours interview with Kay Griggs, a US colonel's wife. Kay Griggs speaks freely about the unimagined corruption and extent of the oppressive systems of...

  1. An 8-hour interview ??!! :claque:

    How can anyone talk for that long? She must've been real thirsty by the end... :D

  2. lol, Don't worry about it, she can drink water you know !

  3. Ok, it's an 8 hours interview, it seems very long...but the lady is so sweet and she tells so many secrets about us polititians and military, you always want to know more...

  4. Do you really think she reveals compromising stuff or does she just read a script the army gave her? You know these guys are all about communication these days... :sournois:

  5. Just listen and you will see...

  6. I'm not listening to an 8-hr interview ! It's just totally crazy and I can't focus on anything for that long anyway !

    How many times did the reporter fall asleep? :D

  7. You're free to do whatever you want, but don't judge what you don't know :eek:...

  8. Did you watch the whole thing ? :joueur:

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