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Live and work in USA

I will soon get my diplom at a french school of business in morroco ,and i'm really interested by living in America for the coming year, maybe to work but...

  1. I will soon get my diplom at a french school of business in morroco ,and i'm really interested by living in America for the coming year, maybe to work but also to continue studies in an amercian university .
    However i'm lost with all the formality to go there ...
    How to get the visa
    What condition should i have to emigrate to USA ,inspite og getting the TOEFL .
    I'm lost and i'm looking for a good person wich can light my way.
    Thank you a lot ! and excuse me for my bad english !

  2. salam;

    Good luck.

  3. Thank u cute-pie for your prompt reply !

  4. I have a special condition wich stipulate :
    Proof of your (or a family member's) ability to pay your education costs in the US. Please bring three months of bank statements from the person paying for your education.

    And i we are coming from a modest family ... ?

  5. So I will write you something that can't help hou, but just i like to pratice my English
    Well, why don't choose an British university, is not better and not fso ar from ou country
    Do you Image going to USA and spendind Ten houres in the fly...i dislike that
    Then you will come in Morroco very dick. you will eat hamburgers all days and believe me very big one such 4 french hamburger, and you will not find shoes for you, the Americain people put vey big shoes 8 or 9 size......
    And when you buy something the price pay attention they display the price without tax.......and more things i will tell you more after i'al quiete busy now

  6. yes, college tuition cost about 40000 per year for international students coming to study in the US. they will not grant u a visa without proof that you can pay.
    i too want to live in america, and i am taking this opportunity to practice my english, i'm not doing student visa because schools are so expensive for us, so i'm doing the liveus.org lotto, my friend got it this way, i wish it was me.. wish me luck and good luck to you
    oh, what state of US you want to go to?

  7. you can depend on me about having a place. we can become roommates , i live in Atlanta Georgia,. so far thats all i can offer, about visa applications you will find what you want around here, good luck

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