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Living in the USA or Morocco?

Hey everyone, so i was wondering if leaving morocco to live in usa is a good idea, because i have a decent job here but not realy good horizons, and i...

  1. Hey everyone, so i was wondering if leaving morocco to live in usa is a good idea, because i have a decent job here but not realy good horizons, and i think that moving to america may open new horizons and give me a better chance and better life quality, same time i love morocco and its hard for me to leave certain things like family and friendship, so iam just confused and need advices based on experiences or whatever ! thank you !!

  2. "the american dream" is a big fat lie
    if you have a decent job where you are, i dont see why you would risk everything to move abroad..there may not be any opportunity career wise for you in morocco at this point, but it doesnt mean you cant create your own!!

    ps. be the change you want to see in the world

  3. the american dream is'nt the reality of american. its something for making dreaming the people that trust the movies of hollywood

  4. Yeah I agree
    + the economy is bad

  5. If you have a job offer there that suits you and you feel you can excel in it then go for it, run your race. However, if you are just going there and then start building a carrier from scratch, i'm afraid it's going to take a lot of time, patience and last but not least effort. You said you had a decent job in Morocco, familly around and friends, then stick to them, these two latters being one of the paramount ingredients of integrity and happiness.
    I know it sounds like a dilemma, and it actually is, just one piece of advice, think it through and don't make hasty decisions ;)... the choice remains yours to make!

  6. The American dream existed long before Hollywood. :D

    But having said that, @thelynyrd: the economy is going bust right now. Better stay where you are if you're having a good job. However, if you do have a very specialized set of badly needed skills, you're more than welcome to come.

  7. It all depends on your diplomas, skills and the business sector you are targetting.

    Some sectors were hit severly by the current crisis (like real estate or the finance sector) , while others remained pretty steady (like medical jobs).

    Anyway, if you have the green card, and go work there, you'll have a much better salary and standard of living I guess, you would also be culturally enriched, but these advantages are clearly offset by the fact you're getting far from your family & friends. Which makes me say that up to a certain extend, it first a matter of your own tastes and preferences, and the priorities you set for yourself.

    I, for one, have dreamt of the US when I was younger, but I was quiet disappointed after the year I spent over there (in LA & SF, in California). I was happy to come back home to Paris!

  8. i think she was trying to point out the misrepresentation of the american dream portrayed in movies..(not that i know of any concrete examples)

    to the OP: keep in mind that its not only a matter of moving to the usa, but changing your culture to some extent (at the very least workwise). If i were you, i wouldnt move, but then again..im trying to move to morocco.. that goes to tell you that morocco has alot more to offer than one would think..

    good luck

  9. I started thinking about american dream when i watched movies in the cinema and the television. on one other hand, i think life is beautiful because of money but now itsn't securized to go in america

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