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Mars Frits

Cette recette particulierement cheloue vient d'ecosse perso j'aime pas. -Des barres chocolates genre mars -2 tasses de farine -1 oeufs -un sachet...

  1. Cette recette particulierement cheloue vient d'ecosse perso j'aime pas.

    -Des barres chocolates genre mars
    -2 tasses de farine
    -1 oeufs
    -un sachet de levure chimique
    -huile de friture

    faire la pate en melangeant la farine, l'oeuf et la levure. Ca doit ressembler a une pate a crepes.
    Plonger les barres mars ds la pate et plonger cela ds l'huile chaude.
    faire cuire 5 min
    Les disposer ds un plat et attendre un peu que ca refroidisse

    che pas si je dois dire bon appetit


  2. faut juste préalablement couper le mars en 2 dans le sens de la longueur et y mettre des crevettes

  3. mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    avec un peu de ketchup...................

  4. les gouts et les couleurs hein ... :rolleyes:

  5. cest trop beurk ton truc mdrrrr

    dis moi tu la inventé cette recette cest pas possible mais dans les grosse galere on fait pas ca

  6. jte jure ils font ca a edinburgh
    demande a princess sara


    In Scotland people eat deep-fried Mars bars. In Scotland there is the highest incidence of coronary heart disease in Western Europe. This, friends, is not a coincidence; moreover, this fact should be considered with points 2 and 3 of “Fatman’s 6 things to remember”. Bear in mind though that the mountains in Scotland are pretty damn small. So it’s unsurprising that the poor Scots do things like wear skirts and try to kill themselves by eating fried chocolate bars…

    Whilst the deep-fried Mars is as indisputably bad for your health as trying to ski the Gervasuitti couloir on snowlerblades they sure as heck do taste good after a tough day on the mountain and a big plate of tartiflette. Fatman recommends trying them.

    Mars Bars (one for each person prepared to eat)
    1 Egg
    Raising agent (levure chemique)
    ¾ Cup flour
    Salt (pinch)
    Oil for frying

    Take your Mars bars – your common, everyday, greater-spotted chocolate bars. If you are a dirtbag ski bum and only shop at Aldi then it is acceptable to substitute a Race bar at this point. Snickers are a possible alternative but are strictly unacceptable to the purist. Chill the chocolate – on a windowsill or in a fridge – but do not freeze it. This prevents the chocolate from burning when you cook it.

    Now make your batter. This is similar to a crèpe mixture. Mix up some flour (about three-quarters of a coffee cup), a pinch of salt and a sachet of raising agent. Now add a whisked egg and gradually, whilst mixing, add beer (yes, beer!). The bubbles in the beer help make a crispy, airy batter; if you would rather drink any beer in your possession you can use milk instead. Whatever your poison, add until the mixture has the consistency of whisked eggs.

    At the same time heat your oil in a saucepan. You need enough oil to cover the bars well – about 10cm deep should do. You know it is hot enough when you drop in a bit of batter and it bubbles and fizzes. If you get it too hot it will burn and burn your house down. That’s not so funny so be careful.

    Dip each Mars bar in the batter then lower it gently into the oil. The Mars is cooked when the batter has gone crispy. If you have got everything right the chocolate inside will be melted and not burnt.

    For a traditional Scottish serving: sprinkle with salt and malt vinegar and eat with soggy, greasy chips (as in frites). Your life will never be the same. Health warning: consume with moderation; more than one deep fried Mars a day will kill you faster than heroin.

  7. olalalla ils sont grave de chez grave mdrrrr

  8. est ce que vous avez un ptit truc pour que le soufflet ne s essouffle pas...une recette en detail please!!!!!!!!!

  9. :eek: je trouve sa abusé quand meme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. franchement il faut gouter d'abord avant de juger, moi j'imagine bien le crousstillant chocolaté lol ca doit etre bon hummmm loooool

  11. mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D j'avoue

  12. Non, tu devrais plutot dire: bon regime hyper calorique :eek: !

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