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Moroccan ID card / Moroccan consulate in London

Hi there, I need a help from all the French baldinautes living in UK. I'm a french citizen with a moroccan nationality living in Manchester. I have a...

  1. Hi there,

    I need a help from all the French baldinautes living in UK. I'm a french citizen with a moroccan nationality living in Manchester. I have a french passport and a expired Moroccan ID. I want to go to morocco maybe in September but my Moroccan ID is expired. And I don't want any problem with the moroccan customs.

    I want to know if is it difficult to apply for a Moroccan ID here in London, Do I need a File transfert from My previous consulate.
    How are the people working in the consulate? Nice, helpful or lazy...

    Have you ever travel to morocco with only you french ou UK passport, and what's happened in the Moroccan customs...

    Thanks a lot

    J'appelle a l'aide tous les bladinaute francais vivant en Grande bretagne.
    Je dois refaire cette zbel de carte d'identite marocaine. MAis voila je vis plus en France je dois la refaire a Londres (deja que j'habite Manchester) mais comment faire la je viens d'envoyer un mail au consulat du Maroc mais je pense pas a recevoir une reponse.
    et ils sont comment au consulat, cool - relous, c'est long?
    Comment ca s'est passe pour le renouvellement de vos papier marocain (ps j'ai la double nationalite).
    Je precise je kiffe ma nationalite mais c a cause de ces sales douaniers marocains qui vont me casser la tete que je dois la refaire....
    avez vous deja voyage sans, et comment ca se passe..........


  2. I'm suprised they don't even have a website . I don't know about UK but I don't think the procedure of getting an ID is very different from that of the moroccan consulate in Canada which is ok . Anyway good luck and I hope you can apply bymail so that you won't have to see their faces :D

  3. mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Every year I swear to not go to the %^$£"& moroccan consulate when I was living in France but know ... It's necessary:(

  4. In Canada you can do it by mail ;)
    Call them and ask if it's possible but you'd better do it by 8:30 A.M. :rolleyes:

  5. they open at 10 till 1 pm:eek:
    I think they are very lazy........spending time eating couscous they can't weak up on time:D

  6. But be sure you call them early before they start using the phone for chatting :rolleyes:

  7. I've recently renewed my Moroccan ID for the very same reasons.
    Have you registered with the consulate yet? If you haven't then you won't be able to proceed with your renewal - so register first.
    Then make sure you don't lose your consulate card like me cos you'll have to register again ... they don't keep much online - everything's pretty much on paper and they couldn't retrieve my file with my name only :rolleyes:

    Then when you renew your ID, you will need a proof of address (take 2 recent bills with you, a bank statement as well, just in case) along with your passport (the French one's fine), a couple of photos ... and some money! Not more than £40 I think (can't remember this either sorry).

    Their opening hours are longer than 10am - 1pm - try and get hold of them by phone before doing anything though.
    Also, I believe you must go to the consultate in Praed St, Paddington ... I doubt you can do this without being there. I had to go up and down the stairs quite a few times to get one signature, stamps, another signature, make photocopies (unless you do that yourself before getting there - I would suggest you make 2 copies of each document).

    It didn't take me that long - a couple of hours - I did expect to spend at least half of my day there. The thing that frustrated me the most was seeing all these Moroccan civil servants just sat there, doing f*** all!!! What a flippin' waste of time, space and money.

    Obviously you won't get your ID on the spot - it takes 2 to 3 months. You'll have to go back to collect it (which takes minutes - that's a relief!) unless they agree to send it to you - so perhaps you should take an envelop with you, along with stamps (recorded delivery) should they be accommodating enough ... hum hum, no comment.

    Anyway, hope this helps!


  8. dire que vous maîtrisez tous les 3 la langue française pourtant :D

  9. T'as vu le nom du forum? :rolleyes:

    Et puis mon anglais est bien meilleur que mon francais je te signale (rappelle??) :(

  10. :eek:

    Bloddy hell!

    I think I should go to the $%£&*(^ consulate on villememble France coz I'm already registred there. But I have to go back France for 2 or three day at least. Coz in Villememble you wait a couple of haours before apply for this ID. They open at 9 but you have to queu outside from 7:mad:

    I will see, Maybe i'll go to morocco in september so it will be a pain to apply now for the ID it's too late, but isn't sure. If I don't go I really don't care about this ID for the moment.

    But Can I travel to Morocco with a expired ID???????

  11. moi j'en profite pour ameliorer mon sale anglais
    car je touche bcp plus en italien/francais/espagnol/portugais mais en anglais je suis naz:(

  12. I have no clue mate sorry. However I assume that you should still be able to travel so long as you've got a valid passport - really and truly that's what's needed. Take your expired card with you just in case they cause you trouble.

    If you're planning to stay in the UK for a few years I would recommend you register with the consulate over here. You could make a day trip of your visit to the consulate and spend the rest of your time in London? I might even meet you for a drink if I'm available (after work that is) ;)

  13. Bon c'est vrai y'a pas mal de fautes (practice makes perfect!!), mais bon pas si naze que ca ... ton anglais est comprehensible ... ;)

    Tu veux que je te corrige tes fautes? :mad:

  14. arrête de te la raconter lol:cool:

  15. ouia vas y envoie en mp:rolleyes:

  16. toi aussi, arrête! :D

  17. Do you have a valid passport?

    I think we are lucky here in Canada. The forms are available online, we can send our application by mail and I got my passport within 3 days

  18. Ah ben non ... faut bien que les autres en profitent aussi non? :D

  19. What's the name got to do with it? Speak in french please, if you want us to understand and to answer you :mad: ESpecially when you talk about Moroccan civil servants! We all want tberguiga zouina bech n'dahko chouiya :p

  20. yes I'm a french citizen with a valid french passport

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