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Moroccans in US/UK why you went there?

Can i understand why did u leave morocco to go to the US or UK?u didnt like morocco or something like that?explain us thanks.

  1. Can i understand why did u leave morocco to go to the US or UK?u didnt like morocco or something like that?explain us thanks.

  2. i think you can ask the same thing about morroccans living in russia, france, italia and so on

    Why does one leave his own country?there are many reasons, it actually depends of the people, their social and educational backgrounds, also their story...etc

    Behind every immigrate, there's a story and it's never the same;)

    May i know the reason why you're asking this question?

  3. At first I leave Morocco in order to finish my studies and change a little, to see different things and to discover other cultures. After a few time, I find myself married, with children................;so this is my tragedy...lo..l and what about you?

  4. Damn it!!! cuz labled kahla , and I was hoping to get a second degree overhere in the state. Unfortunatly, I ended up marrying my girlfriend and we both decided to start focusing for awhile on work,whoever, I didnt lost hope on going back to school if the economy start getting better.
    By the way, this is the right time to apply for student visa to the state, during this though time, most college have cut back on the budget, so they will definetly stamp your passport. Get all your paperwork done and have someone who make 125% over poverty line to sponsor you.

    Keep in mind rah la bled kahla.

  5. lbled kahla ok but if u stay in ur country and develop it it can become better if u leave ur country while u have a good place on school and u can have a good work and work for ur country u can make it better actualy moroccans mainly go to US not france russia etc

  6. Dude, what the heck are you talking about, (I think judging from you username u r still young to start feeling the selectivity morocco had dig it in all of us). the main point is,there is no hope in developing the country, Morocco is gone in the deep shit. A country that is full of racist(bak chkoune?) and if your last name doesnt reflect a high class family ( alhogra) is on your way.

    When you touch a new way of living and freedom to believe on what you want and follow what suit your needs. You will feel the difference between living in analphabet country and the strongest country in the world.
    I love the irony the the Alaouite had put us into :lol:

  7. I first went to Germany to study, some 20+ years ago, and continued my studies in the States. Still living and working in both countries and moving back and forth. Both are very nice places to live... provided you settle down in the right city. ;)

  8. I used to hope that Morocco would bounce back and jump on the bandwagon of developed countries, esp. after M6 took over.

    But seeing how young people there are diving head first in religious obscurantism -- faster than ever before --, how they're (still) holding a negative record on analphabetism -- a real shame on us --, and how the economy is stifled by widespread institutionalized corruption, etc. etc. etc... I've finally lost faith. There ain't no future there, at least not in the middle term.

    I'm afraid that our country is in deep trouble, and probably even slowly going down the drain. Don't let yourself be bluffed by all those impressive construction projects: they are not enough to compensate for all that's going awry there. I wouldn't even put the blame on anyone or on the government: they're doing what they can, given the circumstances, even though their performance is poor at best. It's a society and collective problem, and I see no way out of it. Things are bound to get worse (yeah, I'm sounding a little bit like "Raven" Seldon, if you know what I mean).

    Yes, it is sad, but it's a deja-vu all over again: 30 years ago, people hoped things would improve... and were disappointed. 20 years ago, the next generation hoped the same... and was disappointed. Right now, it is not different at all: people are again hoping, but WILL end up being disappointed. There ain't no moroccan Obama to give us hope and energize us enough to pull us out of the current low.

  9. God created earth, Morocco makes 0,0000000000000000001 of earth.
    the question you should ask, why stay in Morocco while there is a world to see?

  10. Well said :).
    where do you live in state?

  11. yea i understand you guys my sister will go to france we wont see each others for years thats for sure or maybe i will never see her again she may like france and then she stay there forever good luck guys and thanks for the answers

  12. 60 miles south of Denver. ;)

  13. a better life through a better education

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