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My english level has declined

Salam every body, Since I live in france, my english level has declined. That makes me mad. After all the efforts I made to learn the language, I have...

  1. Salam every body,

    Since I live in france, my english level has declined. That makes me mad. After all the efforts I made to learn the language, I have a pathetic level now. It's rare when i have the opportunity to practice english, so i decided to take part in bladi english topics.

    So wish me luck.

  2. luck man ! ! ! ! ;)

  3. I too my friend. I am very shameful because at school i was he best. But i didn't pratice english since 10 years, so why not speaking at phone with members of this forum...

    Appology for my english

  4. being in france is no excuse sir
    check out this guy from casablanca (starting from 1:45 mark)
    YouTube- Tangier

    (just kidding ;))

  5. you will not beleive me, but I watched this video one hour ago. Incredible!
    This guy is one of many guides or unauthorized guides in morocco who are even polyglots. in marrakech, there are some young boys in jamaa lfna who speek many language with incredible ease..
    In the other hand, I agree with you, living in france, is not a reason, to neglect english practicing. When i realized the gravity of my situation, I decided to participate to bladi english topics.

  6. you watched this video one hour ago because you were on hespress :D

    As for your english, i may suggest one thing that will help you keep your english: watch and read mostly ( or even exclusivly if you can) in english; try to watch and read what you like first and do not pick up anything simply because it's in english.

  7. Exactly, I was on hespress, or hibapress. I try to wach aljazeera english, but what you suggest is impossible, waching exclusively english programs, my wife will throw me out!!! Don't forget that with football programs, she has surpassed the tolerence level.

  8. that's not easy i agree.
    but you'll have to keep your english part of the brain awake. otherwise you'll forget.
    i work in a mostly english speaking enviroment, i watch lot of american or canadian-english programming and i still have trouble!

  9. I love this expression "but you'll have to keep your english part of the brain awake. otherwise you'll forget." That's totaly true.

  10. i speak english and i want to speak french!!!!!
    i am rubbish at french!

  11. je pense que vents du désert a voulu dire qu'il se tenait prêt aux ordres d'un ou d'une francaise, pour l'aider,
    dans l'autre sens
    anglais - français

    aidez vous les uns les autres, car j'ai essayé mais c'est compliqué CAR JE NE PARLE QUE LE FRANCAIS

    Vous pourriez commencer par :
    - à la gare
    - au restaurant
    - pour faire les courses (commissions)
    - dans la rue

    puis revoir les verbes être et avoir

    j'ai essayé de faire quelques petites situations dans le genre :
    en français, tout va bien, évidemment,
    je ne sais pas le traduire en anglais, donc je ne peux rien corriger

    je compte sur vous les enfants
    mam (62 ans)

  12. Don't feel bad about it. More than half Americans in America don't speak or write English.

  13. Hi,
    Great, i'm looking for someone to speak in englisg, so why not exchange together by mail ou phone ...

    If ok, just mail me at my PM

  14. You need to read a lot and watch some channels like BBC.
    And, since you live in France (which is close to England), why don't you go to London for few days?

  15. The opposite would be more dramatic sweety! :D So, there's no need to feel upset about it!

  16. Hello,
    I feel myself in the same case :(
    My business english has incredibly declined, I need someone to tell me about some non-boring way to practice it :D

  17. mine is very bad coz i didn't pratice it
    i believe that the best way to improve our english is to read papers in english, to watch news or films, and of course to speak with others...

  18. what about taking conversation class?

  19. Here is a link to the BBC section for learning english http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

    this is for people who are very patient (unlike me who need to take part on conversation, but I don't know people to handle business conversations)

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