Olympic: players called up for a training camp

Olympic: players called up for a training camp dans 'Football Marocain' créée par EL7hayani le 10 Avril 2006.

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    21 Mars 2006
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    23 players have been called up by Moroccan FA for a training camp of the Olympic team at national football center in Maamoura between 10 and 14 April.

    The olympic team, coached by Jamal Fathi, is preparing for the qualifiers of the 2008 Olympics due to be held in Beijing.

    To note that all 23 called up players are from Moroccan national league, the Europe beased players will be called up at a later stage.

    Squad list:
    1- Brahim El Bahri (FAR).
    2- Youssef Rabeh (FUS).
    3- Mourad Atta (IRT).
    4- Chakib Benzoukane (KACM).
    5- Mohamed Amine Bourkadi (MAS).
    6- Anas Zniti (MAS).
    7- Abderrahmane Mssassi (MAS).
    8- Reda Outtassy (MAS).
    9- Adnane Mestitaf (MAT).
    10- Mohamed Berrabeh (MCO).
    11- Amine El Bouanani (RCA).
    12- Mouhcine Moutouali (RCA).
    13- Hicham El Amrani (RCA).
    14- Said Fatah (RCA).
    15- Tarik Bendamou (RCA).
    16- Mouhssine Iajour (RCA).
    17- Abdelouahed Chakhsi (RCA).
    18- Zakaria Jaouhari (RCA).
    19- Noureddine Ez Zahid (RSB).
    20- Mehdi El Bassel (UTS).
    21- Reda Allah Doulyazal (WAC).
    22- Yassine Zouchou (WAC).
    23- Redouane Jaouhari (WAC

    source : www.TheAtlasLions.com

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