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Resume (CV) in english

Hi ! Do you have some examples of CV in english to advice me? (It's in order to work in a bank) thanks ;)

  1. Hi !

    Do you have some examples of CV in english to advice me?

    (It's in order to work in a bank)

    thanks ;)

  2. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/5/6b7/20b
    hez my teacher

  3. thanks both of you

    the first = practice

    the second = theory

    good mix ;)

  4. Je me suis fait un CV béton :D

  5. tu peux me l envoyer pleaza :)

  6. finalement il n'est pas si béton que ça

    le mec m'a envoyé son CV et le sien c'est du béton lol


  8. jaurai été a sa place je naurais pas accepté ...ya trop de fautes déja :D

  9. FAUTES de quoi ma belle, le forum a été faite pour partager de l'expériences véçu pas de regarder les fautes d'ortographe qui s'echappe du frape du clavier, aceptez ou non ce n'est mon problème.

  10. ooooooh t'énerve pas c'est de lhumour .....

    on dit IWILL SEND TOU non pas I WILL TO SEND YOU

    OF AN ENGLISH RESUME LANGUAGE et pas comme t'as dit :p

    ;) on est là pour rigoler aussi t'inquiète !

  11. je m'inquite pas car tu n'a rien à lui proposer et tu critiques les autres, si tu veux un CV sans fautes ta ka demandé BARBARA WALTER!, ou lieu de mander les blandinautes.

  12. junior trader bank:
    A proactive Stock Trader with a thorough knowledge of the London, German and Euronext marketplaces, extremely proficient on computers and expert systems with particular emphasis on advanced spreadsheet skills and querying databases. Highly intuitive grasp of market trends, demonstrated ability to anticipate risks. Fast reflexes, sharp, analytical mind and able to make snap decisions, physical and psychological resilience, consummate player in the art of buying and selling securities.

    1998 - date John Smith & Smith Brokers - London

    Stock Trader
    My duties and responsibilities entail:
    Stock trading and investments of client portfolios, data collection, statistical studies, and research of individual companies and their securities. Developing the techniques and skill necessary for investment analysis and research of securities.
    Analysing data to ensure accuracy, identifying data anomalies and determining sources of these occurrences. Developing analyses to identify opportunities and assisting management in focusing Sales & Marketing efforts.
    Assisting in developing the annual revenue and expense plans. Working on the weekly and monthly operating forecasts.
    Participating in meetings with clients and with the trading and sales force. Responsible for filling information requests from clients, sales force and general public regarding individual securities or industry groups. Creating and maintaining contact databases.
    Preparing portions of draft research reports and briefs. Responsible for preparation and maintenance of financial modelling spreadsheets and client meeting notes, document earnings calls and preparing executive summaries of new filings.

    1992 – 1998 Société de Bourse - Paris
    Junior Stock Trader
    Performing general research duties for senior team members. Monitoring specific companies and informing analysts of important developments. Working on multiple concurrent projects with little supervision, presenting complex analyses in a straightforward manner.
    Preparing financial invoices to ensure expenditure and inventory reports.
    Organising and managing overhead expenditures of accounts payable and receivable statements daily operations
    Established a strong working relationship with business partners and top level management.
    Participating in firm activities, committees or task forces and recruiting efforts as well as external/industry related events and organisations as appropriate.

    Masters in Financial markets and stock-trading.
    Diplôme de l’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce – equivalent to BA in Business and Management.
    Key courses: Macro & Micro economics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and English language

    Native French speaker, fluent English and German.

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