Anglo-Saxon Moroccans where are you ? HELLO


serial salueur
Ok thanks for your advices :D
Hola :)

Voici un quick tip : on peut pas mettre « advice » au pluriel. C’est un mot « uncountable » (on dit aussi : indénombrable). On peut pas dire non plus, pour la même raison, *an advice. C’est pour cela que la traduction de « advice » par « conseil » est seulement approximative.

Dans ce cas-ci, on peut dire « thanks for your advice » ou « your two pieces of advice ». :mignon:


Rebel without a Cause
Lol... We've got quite a lot of drummers here playing bongos in the middle of the night, don't we?

Great to see y'all alive and well. Greetings to Boston, Portland and Nevada from Colorful Colorado.

73 everyone.
Ay Ay Ay..
That was unexpected.
I'm very surprised and very happy that you're doing well.
How is the confinement in Colorado?
We miss you dude, you left without even saying goodbye, and left your friends High and Dry. All asking about you...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Those who don't know @farid_h all I have to say to you, you must be new.
It was Farid who created the forum English board, he is our CEO and the Maystro of our Orchestra.

Since you left, things got boring.
Come back home Farid, this is our home.
Hope you stay this time cause a lot of things going on in the world and some people here can use some advice.

Welcome back my friend.