I would like speak without french accent

You 'll never loose your accent, but you could improve your english pronunciation by practising every day. You should listen and repeat.
If you have little problem with the R, try to not pronunce it , may be no one 'll notice it


Some words are very dificult for me , for example '' everyone'' , '' friend'', '' rules'' , '' russian'' ...

I work in english, so i speak english every day.

Honestly i don't like this language.
I learned english just because it's useful.

I prefer work in french or turkish.


Natalie “Wattson” Paquette
Honestly, there are no secrets.

Practice, practice, practice!

Watch a video and repeat after them.
Record yourself.
Listen to yourself.

That's what I did. I practiced a bunch of times with movies, TV shows and youtubers before getting a decent accent. Maybe delve into linguistics if you have enough patience (I don't).