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Lettre de motivation

Discussion dans 'Board in English' créé par PrimeOzirin, 28 Février 2018.

Bonjour tous le monde ! Bien que que mon niveau d'anglais soit médiocre, j'ai essayé de faire une lettre de motivation du mieux que j'ai pu....

  1. PrimeOzirin


    28 Février 2018
    Bonjour tous le monde !

    Bien que que mon niveau d'anglais soit médiocre, j'ai essayé de faire une lettre de motivation du mieux que j'ai pu. Pouvez-vous corriger et/ou modifier s'il vous plait.

    Voici ma lettre:

    I am a student, currently in forth year engineering school at ESIEA Paris I.T Engineering School. I saw your website, I am impressed and very enthusiastic about joining your company for four months' internship.

    During my school studies, I have carried out many projects, such as programming a racing game, developing a web application or modeling in 3D a memorial site. To validate my University Diploma in Technology, I did an internship in a hospital, I had to work with several technical departments to supervise the temperature of the sanitary hot water of the Hospital.
    The success of these projects is due to my determination, my adaptability and my hard working, that allowed me to evolve and acquire some experiences such as both time and team management.
    Also, I am an open-minded person, I like challenges and I have good interpersonal skills.

    Furthermore, I am very keen to work in the development of an application field because I like to innovate and to find some new ideas. That is why working with you will be a great opportunity for me to both discover and learn new things for my future career.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any more information, I am available at any time to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Je vous remercie, c'est super sympa de votre part !
    DiamondBlaze apprécie ceci.
  2. DiamondBlaze

    DiamondBlaze VIB

    2 Mai 2012
    5 175
    7 264

    Hi kiddo :)

    You are one smart kid.. I am currently at my job so my hands are kind of tied. I made some corrections ( underlined what I changed) and I hope that helped.

    Any good Samaritans out here with a little extra time on their hands?

    Best of luck kid
  3. Sword


    7 Mai 2010
    I'm currently a fourth year engineering student at XXX school (Paris). When I saw your company website I want to apply right the way for a four months internship. My experiences are : Programmed a racing game. Web development., modeling 3D a memorial site. I also carried a project of sanitation during my hospital internship in which I had to cooperate with other department to supervise the sanitation of hot water.
    I can discuss in detail with you my qualification and goal of my internship if you allow me to meet in person with you please. Thank you for considering me. I can be reached at: phone number.


    This is just a draft of my quick attempt. You can edit it. But keep it short and simple. Best luck.
    DiamondBlaze apprécie ceci.