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love words

Discussion dans 'Board in English' créé par misslolly, 27 Décembre 2007.

Love Gives Love ever gives, forgives, outlives, and ever stands with open hands, for while it lives, it gives. For this is love's prerogative—...

  1. misslolly


    27 Août 2007
    10 425
    Love Gives

    Love ever
    gives, forgives, outlives,
    and ever stands
    with open hands,
    for while it lives, it gives.
    For this is love's prerogative—
    to give, and give,
    and give."

    – John Oxenham


    Words spoken
    may soon pass away
    and forgotten be,
    But when spoken
    in love and kindness,
    are like beautiful flowers,
    and even though
    they fade and die
    from conscious memory,
    their fragrance lives on
    embedded in the
    deeper mind –

    – Dick Innes


    Love, like a tree,
    sends its roots down deep
    so when the storms of life abound
    and the winds of adversity blow,
    it shakes and bends
    and goes with the flow
    but doesn't break or fall.

    And during times of drought
    it drives its roots down deeper
    so whatever comes and goes—
    summer, winter, spring, or fall,
    the good times and the bad—
    it stands the test of all.

    – Dick Innes

    Garden of My Heart

    If every thought
    I had of you
    was a rose and
    every rose a word,
    I would keep
    picking endless roses
    from the garden
    of my heart
    And speak them
    all to you.

    – Dick Innes


    You walked into my life
    You smiled a gentle smile,
    spoke a kind word,
    and placed some
    flowers in my hand–
    an orchid and
    And then you left.
    The flowers have
    long since faded
    but the fragrance of
    your presence never will.
    So be assured of this–
    I will forget you not!

    – Dick Innes

    love love love
  2. misslolly


    27 Août 2007
    10 425

    I often hug you in my heart.
    This time I want you to feel it.

    * * * * * * *

    A reminder about the value of hugging
    from UCLA Medical Center

    "Hugging is a miracle medicine that can relieve many physical and emotional problems facing people today," experts say.

    "The type of hugging I recommend is the bear hug," says Dr. David Bresler, Director of the Pain Control Unit at UCLA. "Use both arms face your partner, and perform a full embrace. I often tell my patients to use hugging as a part of their treatment for pain. To be held is enormously therapeutic."

    Researchers have also found that hugging can help you live longer, protect you against illness, cure depression and stress, strengthen family relationships and even sleep without pills.

    "Hugging is an excellent tonic," declared Dr, Harold Voth, senior psychiatrist at the prestigious Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, "It has been shown scientifically that people who are mentally run-down and depressed are far more prone to sickness than those who are not. Hugging can lift depression, enabling the body's immune system to become tuned up. Hugging breathes new life into a tired body and makes you feel younger and more vibrant. In the home, daily hugging will strengthen relationships and significantly reduce friction."

    "Researchers discovered that when a person is touched, the amount of hemoglobin in their blood increases significantly," said Helen Colton, author of The Joy of Touching. "Hemoglobin is a part of the blood that carries vital supplies of oxygen to all organs of the body— including the heart and the brain. An increase in hemoglobin tones up the whole body, helps prevent diseases, and speeds recovery from illness. My 15 years of research have convinced me that regular hugging can actually prolong life by curing harmful depression and stimulate a stronger will to live."

    "Sometimes I just take out my prescription pad," Dr. Bresler said, "and then I write out a prescription for four hugs a day—one at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime."
  3. misslolly


    27 Août 2007
    10 425
    For some folks the color of love is
    Red ... fiery and hot,
    For others the color is
    Blue ... placid and calm,
    For some it's
    Yellow... caring but cautious,
    For others it's
    Orange ... rich and fruitful,
    For some the color is
    Lavender... gentle and kind,
    For others it's
    Purple... sacrificing and giving,
    For some it's
    Green ... with its go, go, go,
    For others the color is
    White ... pure and undefiled.
    But for me the color is
    Rainbow ... Red and Blue,
    Yellow and Orange,
    Lavender and Purple,
    Green and White.
    The Rainbow painted by God
    is a symbol of forever-love,
    And as long as there is
    sunshine and rain
    there will always be Rainbows,
    And as long as there are Rainbows
    there will always be
    forever-love for you.

    – Dick Innes
  4. nianne


    22 Février 2008
    Showing someone and act of loving is enough without saying a word.

  5. marocstar


    13 Juillet 2006
    Love is strong yet delicate.
    It can be broken.
    To truly love is to understand this.
    To be in love is to respect this.

    - Stephen Packer -