Money in the hands of the harebrained

For more than 30 years, the “leaders” of Algeria have been squandering the Algerian money in a business that’s not theirs. The buisiness is Moroccan Sahara. Instead of supporting Morocco in his regaining his occupied territories, the famous “leaders” of Algeria have been doing their best to encumber Morocco from achieving his objectives. But Alhamdo lillah (thank God), Morocco has got the independence of almost all his colonised land despite of the jealous and the harebrained.
What would have happened if all that Algerian wasted money, which had been used for obstacles in front of the Moroccan progress train, had been spent wisely to build good neighbourhood relationships and also to construct a real Arab Maghrib we all dream of?
I need someone to calculate that money which was in the hands of the insane to let us imagine what we could have done with it. Thank you beforehand.