Le Polisario perd des hommes et des terres ...

On parle de beaucoup de morts et meme de prisoniers.
Qui cherche trouve.

Message du Maroc. Les zones tampons C'est du passe.
My man Mohammed VI. Now we are talking.
Trump's tweet =======> License To Kill.

Trump: All of the Sahara is Moroccan. All of it.
Dernière édition:

"Oh Biden help us. What is a tweet anyways? How can we lose to a tweet? What does that mean tweet?
Biden We have been at this for almost 50 years. We can't be tweeted out. It is that guy Mister Twitter.
He invented these tweets. Where does it live? We asked and they tell us the tweet is in the Cloud.
What does it mean Cloud. I am looking at the clouds right now. We don't see any tweet. Do you see any tweets?

Oh Biden today we have been slammed by this little bird. Why are the birds killing us? We have not done anything
to the birds. We love birds. That Mohammed VI is a magician. He got these tiny birds that come
out of nowhere and blast us to oblivion. Help us Biden. Help us. You can stop the birds Can't you?

It is those Jews. They are the problem. They don't like us. They pray for Mohammed VI. Why would a Jew
pray for a Moslem king. We just don't understand anything anymore. Biden do something."



What do you think? Do you think I can make it in Hollywood. They could use a guy like me.
I have some talent. I need to think this through. Saint John in Hollywood. I like the sound of that.
Tu peux aussi le faire à Bruxelles.. Bientôt les Européens vont se plaindre aussi.. Ils n'ont pas été consulté et les USA ont bien géré les choses...


L' Europe préfère la division pour mieux profiter du Maghreb.. Et de l' Afrique... Les États-Unis préfère une stabilité de la région pour faire du Business.. Qui veut du bien Maroc réellement ?