Pourquoi les musulmans perdent

C'est n'est pas "pourquoi les arabes perdent" mais plutot "pourquoi les musulmans perdent" :)

لماذا يخسر المسلمون؟

[color=990000]Fait Attention svp au idées prenseter par cette article d´un secte : Anti-Sunnah !!![/color]

Qlq1 a écrit :
Wa aleikoum assalma wa ra7hamato Allahi Wa Barkatoh !

D´abords une correction le title du l´article sans autor :

c´est completement erronée la tarduction du ton titre car le titre originale en arabe
c est pas

Pourquoi les arabes perdent leurs guerres?

mais plutôt juste c´est

Pourqoi les musulmans perdent ?

L'article est en arabe, vu certains problemes techniques pour l'afficher ici sur le site, je vous expose le lien.

Pourquoi les arabes perdent?

Je vous invite vivement à consulter l'article.
un article sans autor connue ni réfrance n´a pas du valeur c´est déja un supect :) !

et effecitivement le contenu du l´article essaie du faire comparaison avec notre cher Prophet Mohammad :saws: avec Prophet Jesus pour négliger la Sunnah ;-)

Partous on trouve un jeux avec des sourats du coran sans donner ni des refrances ni rien intperertion personelle ....ce qui complemtent anti-islam

Essaie du faire la propagande pour des idées anti-Sunnah bien connue par un secte bien connue

et ceci ne m´ettone pas car ceci viens d´un site trés connue d´un certains sect connue qui se donne le nom des musulmans Progressive Muslims

voici qq infos la teame du cette secte ;-)!


Whether you know it or not, their has been a conflict believers in "GOD Alone" and those who wish to divert the people from the path of GOD have since the times of Noah, the early days of our creation. There has been the "illusion" of peace which has been carried on in many different forms...But this is one conflict which will never rest:

"He (Satan) said: 'Since You have allowed that I go astray, I will skull for them on Your straight path. I will come to them from their front, and from their back, and from their right, and from their left, and You will find most of them unappreciative." (Quran 7:16-17)

In this conflict that has raged on for many centuries, Satan has managed to recruit a whole army of people (humans & otherwise) to do his bidding and sway people away from the Only path that can lead to salvation in this world and the next:

"You may entice them with your voice, and mobilize all your forces and all your men against them, and share in their money and children, and promise them. But, anything the devil promises is no more than deceit." (Quran 17:64)

To counter this constant threat, the believers have been Commanded by our Lord to gather themselves and form a base of power from which we strike-out at all who wish to undermine this planet and the inhabitants on it (be it through slavery, wars, oppression, excessive indebitness, pollution, racism, injustice, or just plain persecution):

"You shall prepare for them all the power you can master, and all the equipment you can mobilize, that you may terrify the enemies of GOD, your enemies, as well as others who are not known to you; GOD knows them..." (Quran 8:60)

As such, Progressive Muslims, and many other sites have been established to deal with these issues and warn all people to the 'Straight Path' before it is too late...

Free-Minds is organized as follows:

Function Name E-mail
Site Custodian (responsible for all 'legal' aspects of site registration, ownership, and content). Layth Shaiban laytth@hotmail.com
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Neil Maybanks,
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Website Maintenance (uploading of articles, general maintenance, design, links, trouble-shooting, etc..). Layth Shaiban
Shamsul Arefin laytth@hotmail.com

O you who believe, whosoever from among you turns away from the system, then God will bring a people whom He loves and they love Him; humble towards the believers, proud towards the rejecters; they strive in the cause of God and do not fear to be blamed by those who blame. This is God's grace, He bestows it upon whom He wills; God is Encompassing, Knowledgeable." (Quran 5:54)

Welcome to Progressive Muslims (PM), a hub site for people who seek to live their life according to the focus on ‘GOD Alone’ and are seeking ACTION.

If you are not a person of action, but are interested in learning/research, then we invite you to visit our sister site Free-Minds and you may find what you seek (GOD willing).

The ‘objectives’ of the Progressive Muslims site are as follow:

Spread the message of Islam from the Scripture.

This is one of the most important issues for PM...that the message of 'God Alone' gets out to the people and they become aware that the 'Islam' being promoted and marketed to over 1.2 Billion people today is a political mutation that has no relevance to God or His system. As a result, PM has translated Islam's Holy Book into a clear and simple work that is now available for all to read .

The Message (Click to purchase)

“This is, as the authors have intended, a unique piece of work, and potentially an important new part of the Islamic liturgy. The words are strong and thoughtfully translated, the message still as strong as ever. It’s a tour de force, and the authors are deserving of praise for a superior effort.” iUniverse, Inc.

Develop a full Constitution.

This is the 'Key' difference that will advance the efforts of PM verses all the movements that have come in the past to re-establish 'God Alone'. PM have now completed this project and you may read the sample constitution in the following link: "The Constitution"

Establish a ‘networking’ for Muslims.

A final objective of PM is to link Muslims together wherever they may be...

Please visit our Members page and add your name or contact those listed in your area to establish networking

Wa Allaho A3lam !

Arrete stp toujour du poster cette propagande Anti-Sunnah et anti le Prophet Mohammad :saws: anti-Ualama ce message des sectes et comporis et dépasser !;-)

Maintent je vois pourquoi d´ou tu a toujours ces idées ! :)

wa salmao aleikoum wa ra7hamato Allahi Wa Barakatoh
yours Ibno_Khaldoun
..::: :saws: :..

Merci pour la correction. :)

Je vais éditer le titre pour changer la traduction.

Je vous prie de vous sentir libre de critiquer ou corriger tous ce qui vous semble érroné. Je me ferais un plaisir de débattre de chaque point (pertinant) soulevé.