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Slogans antiguerre

Pour tous ki souhaiteré allé a une manif, vwala des slogans ke jai noté a la manif a rabat dimanche dernier et puis que jai trouvé sur le web: (chui dsl pr lé non-anglophone, la plupar sont en anglé...) Si vou voulé des photos de la manif, qui a regroupé 200,000 personnes selon lé chiffres officielle é deux millions selon lé organisateurs, jpeu vou lé envoyé. Ils sont tré bien, ya eu des bastons et tout, contrairement a se que la television marocaine a dit...How can it be called precision bombing if the blast radius is a mile wide???????

Noo war is good. But remember this...
Last time we listend to a bush we wondered around the desert for 40 years.
We will win peace will be declared


'You Can Bomb The World To Pieces But You Can't Bomb It Into Peace'

"Micheal Moore for President"

(A big picture of Bush's face looking fierce with his mouth open like he's talking and then around the picture it will say) Democracy -- As long as You Do What I Say.

Has anyone seen my constitutional rights?
It's the oil, stupid!
Read my lips, junior: No New WAR In Iraq
The Real Axis of Evil: CHENEY, BUSH, ASHCROFT

Don't Attack Iraq: Terrorism is Terrorism even when WE do the bombing

Bu$h: making millionaires into billionaires

War IS Terrorism

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention

One nation under surveillance

How did our oil get under their sand?

War is expensive, Peace is priceless

Read between the pipelines

The only thing we have to fear is Bush himself

Don't do it George, Dad will still love you

Don't arm a son of a Bush

Our grief is not a cry for war

Americans used to fight AGAINST tyranny

Don't turn tragedy into war

Another War? Must be electing season

Barbara Bush...PLEASE give your son a "time out"

More Trees, Less Bush!

"The Bush stops here!"

9/11 USA 24/7 Iraq

Somewhere in Texas there's a village missing an idiot. Go home George

More People Have Been Slaughtered In The Name Of Religion Than For Any Other Single Reason. That, That My Friends, That Is True Perversion!" — Harvey Milk
"Sometimes I Think The Surest Sign That Intelligent Life Exists Elsewhere In The Universe Is That None Of It Has Tried To Contact Us." — Calvin & Hobbes

There's A Terrorist Behind Every BUSH!

If war is the answer, we are asking the wrong question.


Weapons of Mass Deception (photo of GWB)

Headline: Empty War-Head found in Whitehouse Drop Bush - Not Bombs!

No Iraqi Children in my Gastank!

War is Expensive - Peace is Priceless

Who's Next?


Negotiation over Confrontation

Bomb Texas, It has Oil

Frodo has failed - Bush has the ring

Blood is thicker than Oil

Make Love, Not War

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE bush blair aznar
War Does Not Determine Who is Right, Only Who is Left - Bertrand Russell

Stop the American Holcaust

Bush Pull Out!
Like your father should have.

George, little boy the world is not your toy!

Gene Autrey's Cowboy Code: The Cowboy Must Never Shoot First, Hit a Smaller Man, or Take Unfair Advantage.

A Painting of Bush as Napoleon, saying "If this were a dictatorship it would be a whole lot easier, as long as I am the dictator."

Bush as Hitler saying, "Got Oil? You Got War"

A big paper mache Uncle Sam with a Gas Pump in his hand

Blonds Against Dumb Wars

Hey George, We Didn't Really Elect You All That Much!

Will make out for peace.
a basic one: rise up and then a picture of a fist.
Make all the assumptions you want, assuptions got us into this
Save the Salmon! Fishies don't belong in Bushes
Sadam is evil, yes I know, cause bush tells me so (this is better sung to the popular christian tune that goes Jesus loves me so cause the bible tells me
God Bless America... because SOMEONE has to.

facile g assisté a pa mal de manif :

Si tu veuuuuuu faire mon bonheuuuuuur
dabelyouuuuuu dabelyouuuuuuuuu ( =W)
Si tu veuuuu faire mon bonheuuuuuuuuuur
dabelyou reste dans ton trouuuuu