Sugarloaf: Moroccan Wedding

Why or why not sugarloaf is so important in Moroccan wedding? What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples or story to support your answer.

What do you think next of this story will be?

My mom said I will never get married. My dad said I am dressing like a boy. My oldest sister said I look like a McDonald's clown and my clothing color taste is yucky, but I am cool. Cool people are fun,.

"If a man wants to marry me he must look for me," I said loudly
"And find me," I said again after a brief silence
"Perhaps I should find him, too." I whispered to myself and took an angry bite of the red apple that was given to me earlier and still sitting in my hands.

Today I am meeting with my friend Lyla. She just got a new camera and wanted to be a wedding photographer. Can you believe this?

"Don't people go to school for that," once I had asked her
"Not really" she replied to me after a deep silence

When I get married, she wants to be my wedding photographer. Sure. I said to her and inside me I was thinking I might be her first victim (ah ah ah ..) but she is cool and I like cool and happy people. She is great at shooting photos just she needs some more practice. I mean a lots more!

Of course I cannot tell her this. She will be mad at me and I have to buy her some ice cream to forgive me. The pistachio ice cream her favorite. From Oliveri Maârif restaurant not Amorino restaurant. She does not like the owner of The Amorino restaurant. So, no buying ice cream from their. End of story she said when I asked her why.

We were laughing loudly and many photos were shot. A lots were not so good but few were. We had so much fun. She showed me some other people's photos. All were female expect one.

"Who is he?" I asked her excitedly
"Ahmed," answered me while she was browsing photos throw her new camera screen. I kept silent and then she added
"He lives upstairs, with his parents, apartment 501, he is really cool guy." she said sweetly

Lyla is like me. She likes fashionable and colorful clothing. Green is her favorite color but not me. I like blue color. Sometimes she even applies green coloring to her hair. She looks an alien person to me each time she does it, but we both find it cool. Sometimes I do it too when she asks me. She told me colors are good for the mood and the happiness of especially a female that is why so many parents take their kids to McDonald's. It is true. She is married now. Her hair color is back to normal. Black color. She got married to her classmate. Moussa. Both have nearly same age. 27. They know each other so well. He is now her husband. She told me better you marry a person you know rather an unknown person. Surprises can sometimes badly hurt a person's feeling.

"Ain't you interested" she said right after finishing browsing through all the photos
"He could be the man of your life," she whispered at me "And I will be your wedding photographer" she said again with a smile on her face

"He seems handsome and happy guy," I told her "I feel liking him" I said again excitedly

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