The 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump


Rebel without a Cause
Ex-president Trump has pulled a lot crap during his 4 years as president of the US, but what he did January 6 is unparalleled in american history.
For the insurrection, he should get impeached a 2nd time.
All the lies and the Bullshit that came with it is unreal and insane. It was all based on fabricated lies.

During this trial, no Republican has offered any defense or rebuttal for Trump's actions except to say that he is no longer in office.
They have no defense at all and are all hiding their faces from the cameras.

This video the Democrats presented as evidence of Trump's total guilt shows how abhorrent is what Trump caused that day.

Trump is 100% guilty of inciting an insurrection.


Rebel without a Cause
Day 2 of the impeachment trial against Trump.