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the exploitation of women

Discussion dans 'Board in English' créé par gallouj, 25 Mai 2008.

hi brothers and sisters azul dam9ran. i would like to talk about the exploitation of women nowadays. Nowadays , the world has become as a small...

  1. gallouj


    23 Mai 2008
    hi brothers and sisters azul dam9ran.
    i would like to talk about the exploitation of women nowadays.

    Nowadays , the world has become as a small village due to globalization .Therefore, some people who inhabit this small village are suffering either morally or physically .However, women are so exploited daily both morally and physically .

    Although, there are many groups of women who defend women‘s rights ,they are still exploited .In other words, the economic needs more effective labour results in looking for a way to produce as much as many product without spending much money .Tat is to say women are easier to be exploited than men. women usually have law salaries .For example, women work long hours in factories but they are given low salaries in comparison to men Hence, women contribute themselves to their fact of being exploited by accepting to work for minor wage.

    In addition, women are exploited in media broadly. So, they become like goods which are sold and bought . For instance, in advertisements we usually see women presenting products or an idea about products ,but unfortunately, they use their bodies to attract consumers. For example when presenting a product , females usually do very attractive gestures like moving their sensitive parts of their body and showing them off, and most of them are half naked .Moreover, we always face advertisements wherever we go in the street, on the screen television, in newspapers etc.However, the consumers do not focus on the quality of the product being advertised but they focus on the quality of the women who advertise the product. In fact, this is the purpose of the advertisement agencies where very skilled people work on those advertisement.

    Paradoxically, even girls and women who neither work nor advertise , are exploited , mean they are exploited morally or physically or both; cross-cultural geography is a factor which contribute also to the exploitation of women .For example , women usually imitate the Egyptian actors and even the western actors .Furthermore, we are familiar with seeing half naked girl and exposing their LAN forms to men .

    As a result, this exploitation leads women to be marginalized and enter into prostitution .Therefore, the looseness spreads over the society .besides, children go to the street and they are expected to be spoiled because of the difference of their mothers .Hence , their so _called mothers give more importance to their appearance and their bodies. Instead of looking after their children .also, women fall in blind imitation, and they do not think critically.

    Finally, women are exploited everywhere even in developed countries. Women’s exploitation make them lose their morality and responsibility towards their sons and their daughter. Women should be aware of themselves to avoid this kind of exploitation which invades the societies.