The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of USA


Rebel without a Cause
A beautiful day in America, Trump was evicted from the White House and Joe Biden moved in today.
The nightmare of 4 years under Trump stopped today and gone forever. We open a new page starting today.
Trump the coward, cowardly left the White House without congratulating the new president.
That coward will get prosecuted in the coming weeks for abuse of power and trying to overthrow the president elect, Congress and the constitution
Trump will go to jail.

For the inauguration, it's beautiful and the party will continue tonight
The parade is starting now.

A beautiful day to be American.
God bless USA.



Rebel without a Cause
April, 16/ 2021
Violence in USA
Police brutality
3 months after Joe Biden,'s inauguration.

Things were already bad enough with police violent brutality and the shootings of black men and minorities during arrests by the cops. That's been going on way before the arrival of the mad man Donald Trump to the White House.
Trump worsened things during his reign as president with thug cops getting away with murder at free will.
Some bad cops became the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner before the trial.
Things had to change.
Things have to change
After Trump's departure and with the arrival of Joe Biden as president, things will change.
There is no more immunity for the thugs in uniforms
from now on, they will pay heavily for their crimes and wear cameras on their uniforms.

Things are changing in the US.
The officers who committed murders of suspects are now facing a new justice system unheard of in the history of law and order. Cops are getting locked up before their trials for their crimes.
  • Derek Chauvin who shot George Floyd is on trial and will be found guilty of murder and do years in prison.
  • Kim Potter The officer who shot Daunte Wright,
  • The officer who shot this 13 yearold teenager..
The other cops arrested...Will all face justice, hard justice..
The tables now are turned Upside-Down til we see Justice for all. Black Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
You do the crimeand you will do time.
Long live USA

To be continued...
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