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English For Tashelhite/Tamghrabit!

I am a native Moroccan, English speaking, single guy. Looking for a native Moroccan, Tashelhite/Tamghrabite speaking, single female for language chating,...

  1. I am a native Moroccan, English speaking, single guy. Looking for a native Moroccan, Tashelhite/Tamghrabite speaking, single female for language chating, via MSN or other means. I will teach you English and you teach me Tashelhite/Tamghrabite.
    Warmly waiting your reply.

  2. you mean you are looking for a date.......:rolleyes:

  3. I got couple of hours to kill... I might fit to your description! :D

  4. kind of a bundle offer : date and talk :D

  5. While, I will not rule that out. I'm looking primarily for knowledge and learning with or without fun. But I thank you both for your reply.

  6. Well, you are welcome.
    A si tachlhite i khassete a wale ourz sira!

  7. While, I've no idea about what you just said. I'm just going to say yes. Though, and please bear in mind. I need Tashelhite/Tamaghrabite for beginners. Thank you in advance, for your help and willingness .

  8. I was saying Tachlhite is a speaking language. You can't learn it like this...

    Anywa, good luck for it !


  9. Thank you for your answers and time. BTW, do you mean, because Tashelhite/Tamaghrabite is an oral langauge and not written langauge, that is why it's hard to learn or master? and, what do you suggest, I should do or perform to learn just the basic Tashelhite/Tamaghrabite,if any? Big thank you for your answer and time.

  10. No. That isn't my goal. Though, nobody can see with an absolute certainty what tomorrow may hold.
    thank you for your reply.

  11. Depending on your motivation for learning the language, your patience...

    If you know sb nearby you, you should then learn from them (parents...). A distant learning wouldn't be the solution.

    Or go to Morocco and learn it at school and with people.


  12. tashelhite is hard to learn and you'll need to listen to it if your really are interested I've known several people who wanted to learn it in their adultwood and it was hard for them...
    find someone you can learn from and talk to in a regular basis

  13. I feel passionate about learning Tashelhie/Tamghrabit for many personal reasons, which I see no indications to share them here. Though, I don't think going to Morocco, is an option for me, for now. Perhaps, in the future, but not now. Mes parenst are Moroccans but not of an Amazigh lineage. So, I though getting acquainted with a respectful, native Tashelhite/Tamaghrabit speaking single female, may help, for which, I still remain hopeful.
    Thank you Safia for your suggestions and care.

  14. That was/is exactly, the main purpose of my topic in question, which is, to find someone I can chat with and learn from: Tashelhite/Tamghrabite. Nevertheless, I've something personal that binds me to Tashelhite/Tamghrabite and makes me really want to learn/speak it.
    Thank you Samira for your thoughts and inputs.

  15. I think if you are interested in Moroccan arabic dialect, there are good books teaching the basis of conjugation, syntax and grammar.

    For tashelhite, i have no idea, but i think they give lessons in some cultural organizations (maybe it would be harder to find these if you live in the uk or us:s)

    Have you tried googling, maybe you can find some lessons online?

  16. No. I haven't tried google prior to posting my topic. I have now, after you mentioned it, thank you. And, I find a tons of good informations, for which I need sometimes to see, which will fit me good. BTW, my love for Tashelhete/Tamghrabite commenced in 2009 when I visited Ifran and the High Atlas for vacation and met with the locals with whom I couldn't converse in Tashelhite and only few spoke Arabic/darija or French or little English. Hence. I speak Arabic/Darija, and little French, but wished if I speak Tashelhite. I am Moroccan/American. I reside in Chicago, and planing on visiting more often Ifran, High atlas and Chifchawen.

  17. Nice, i have crossed this part of the region as well (although i hadn't really the occasion to visit it), it is true that people living in the Atlas mountains seem to lead a very simple way of life and they are often very friendly despite the language barrier.

    I have heard from a moroccan friend living in Canada that they give lessons for tamazight in some cultural associations, i think if you are close to the moroccan community out there (they are very well organized from what i have heard) in the us, maybe you can find the same structures providing lessons for this language.

    Btw having the chicago accent might get you in trouble for the pronunciation haha

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