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how you learned english?

what's the easy and the efficient way to learn english snapily

  1. what's the easy and the efficient way to learn english snapily

  2. to marry an american guy :D :D and live in the US

  3. in your case it will be an american girl :cool:

  4. yes it's a good idea but where can i find it?? lol

  5. in jame3 lefna direction merrakéch :D

  6. ok!! tell me please how can i learn english and speak english very well .
    next year i'll be in terminale bac but i'm not so strong in english

  7. well you can take courses !!good luck

  8. i don't wanna do that
    i think reading some stories in english will help me

  9. There are plenty of stories in English on the Internet. Check out Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/ if you like reading!

    Good luck!

  10. yes thanks very much
    are u good at english??

  11. Well, I sure hope so... :D

    What's your primary motivation to learn English? You're planning to study in an English-speaking country?

  12. i like this language and i find it very easy to learn but how this is the problem but in my age i think that i'm well in english cuz at class my rang is one next year i will in terminale vac science maths and i'll be able to speak with the prof and also have a good mark

  13. watch Oprah Winfrey :D

  14. thinks...............

  15. ....my name is Malek...

  16. mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. oasis is good .

  18. o............................................

  19. i just drank some of it 2 hours ago :cool:

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