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This post is mainly for English happy learners! To begin, here is a lively song to bring a quizzical smile to your lips and keep you reading Friend's Stories. welcome.

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I am from Kagawa, one of the prefectures of Shikoku, in the western part of Japan. After I graduated two year of massage college, I moved to Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. In Osaka, I worked as a massage therapist and Yoga instructor. At the same time, I was getting interested in living overseas since I wanted to learn English language and I wanted to study different cultures. I knew, learning English is very essential for my future success. Many doors will open for me and most of all English language is the most spoken language in the world. So, when I turned 26, I decided to go to Australia. I stayed there four years. Life was not easy for me at the beginning. It was a challenging situation on a daily basis. But I loved it. I learned that reading stories is the most effective way to learn any language. Now, I am an avid reader of English stories.
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Sofia From Safi

My name is Sofia. I was born and raised in Safi. Some people call it Asfi but I prefer to call it Safi. It is a city in the western of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean known for its sardine industry, and also exportation of phosphates, textiles and ceramics.
I am a third year university student, studying Conflict and Human Rights. My study takes a lot of reading and writing but I am happy because my head is not crammed with junk information and useless study. I feel rather that my time is invested in the right university degree. On the personality level I do have a problem. Yes..yes. I do recognize this and I am working on it. When I speak, I find out myself yelling for no reason at all and this makes me feel horrible and gets my mood to a madness status. My best friend Kadidja cares a lot about me. She bought me "I'm Not Yelling I'm Moroccan Flag" mug. It reminds me to keep calm especially when I disagree with someone.
"I'm Not Yelling I'm Moroccan Flag" mug is my favorite mug ever.

Frarid's imagination

Man and woman in the kitchen. Woman is sitting man is leaving. Man is holding a briefcase in one hand and opening the door with the other. Woman seems unhappy her head is in her hands. Perhaps she is crying. But why? On the kitchen table there are two drinks and one vase that has one flower. Perhaps the man wants her to come with him to live abroad in another country. Woman thinks Home Is Morocco.

Business idea

If you have been thinking to run a T-shirt printing business in Morocco, you have the right idea. The T-shirt printing business will always be booming. The demand is increasing and Moroccans love T-shirts. Plus, Africa is a big market to satisfy now. All you need is computer, printer, heat press, and cotton T-shirts that you can purchase in Casablanca. After this, the T-shirt printing business is only limited by your creativity.
The Telephone booth.png

Here what Ayacha from Azrou wrote:

Five people are waiting at the telephone booth. The fifth one in the queue is leaving. perhaps, he could no longer wait. The fourth one has his right arm bends above his hips. The third one with arms crossed seems reaching his herculean patience. The second one is rather a short man staring at the man in the telephone booth trying to make an eye contact. The first man in the queue who has a gangster fedora hat and showing hands-on-hips gesture is ready for an assertive action. What do you think he possibly could do? Imagine! The man in the telephone booth does not care at all!

Amine from Rabat wrote this Zombie story.

I never believed in Zombies before last night. It was a cold, dark summer evening and I was walking home from a friend's house. I stopped to tie my shoe. When I looked up again, I saw a person running toward me. I could not see who it was. His mouth was opened and had scary sharp teeth. He was only wearing one shoe. His arm was wounded. Before I couldn't shout and run, the zombie suddenly moved and disappeared. After the zombie disappeared, I ran all the way home and called my best friend. When she picked up the phone, I couldn't say anything. I knew she would think I was crazy. I never told anyone about my yesterday zombie meet.
Ayman is very excited to share his imagination and described for us using English words this image.


Man is digging. He is digging a hole using a hoe. A tied big bag is near the hole. What is inside it? It is suspicious. The man and his tied bag are near a forest. Nobody else is there.
A man asked an elderly woman, "could you please show me where is the bus station?" The old woman pointed her finger to the garbage bin. The man went there and found no more than garbage bins then he asked a young woman, "could you please show me where is the bus station?" The young lady pointed her finger to a convenient store the man found no bus station but rather a convenient store. He then entered it and asked the owner, "could you please show me where is the bus station? The Chinese convenient store owner said, "I am sorry my business permit allows me only to help Chinese."
A Moroccan man went to a McDonald's, sat down, and ordered a drink. And then started reading his English book. All tourists who were there started sitting near him. He was not comfortable. And then he put back his book inside his backpack and got his slate and wrote one plus one equal and he kept thinking... and thinking...and thinking.
Suddenly, all tourists left the McDonald's and he was again alone there and very comfortable. He then ordered another drink, got back his book again and started reading and reading and reading!