Maroc : le policier était trafiquant de cocaïne

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Un policier en service à Salé a été arrêté en flagrant délit de détention de drogues lors d'une opération sécuritaire menée à Kénitra, en coordination avec les services de la Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire (DGST).
Le policier interpellé était en possession de 151 grammes de cocaïne, plusieurs boîtes de colle utilisées pour l'anesthésie, ainsi qu'une somme d'argent en monnaie nationale et européenne, soupçonnée d'être les revenus de cette activité criminelle.
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- Maroc / Salé , Kenitra, Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale (DGSN), Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire (DGST), Drogues

Maroc : le policier était trafiquant de cocaïne
"151 grammes"

Good God. That's a decent quantity. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.
The most I ever I got was an Eight Ball. (3.5 grams) And even then it was four of us.


An eight ball in the eighties used to cost The Highly Connected Saint John around 80 dollars.
And that's the eighties. Spanish Harlem. 135th and Broadway. The Dominicans.
9 Years in New York. Amazing Town But What a Goddamn Waste Of Time!

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When Saint John got to New York, his buddies for the American High School of Tangeirs were paying like 100 dollars a gram.

It took Saint John less than three months to bring that price down to less than 25 dollars a gram and much better
quality. The Saint John worked his way to the source. The Dominicans.

A Mistake You Do Not Want To Make Is Underestimate Saint John The Computer Scientist.
But I Am A Reasonable Man. I Have A Good Heart.

One Of My Colleagues K. Jackson Told Me Once:

"Saint John You Talk That New York Gangster Style Bullshit. But I Know You Are A Good Man. I Can See It In Your Eyes."

lion GIF

K. J. passed away some 12 years ago at age 42. Cancer. He Loved Moroccan Food ...
A week before he passed away. I stopped by his place. .... He surprised me. He lit a cigarette
"You are smoking cigarettes now?" I told him.
"Does It Matter Saint John?"
"I Guess Not."

Sad Season 9 GIF by The Office

The End Of One Of The Brightest Men I Have Ever Met.

K. J. Was A Hippie. A Ganja Man. The Guitar. Good Wine. Good Beer.
He Threw The Biggest Party A Month Before He Died. Computer Scientists
Showed Up From All Over The World. A Great Party. He Paid For It All.
He Reserved A Nice Venue In
Marin County. One Of The Richest Counties In California.
Food. Live Music. Alcohol. ... It Was A Nice Way To Say Good Bye.
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K, J. was brutal. He was new to the Lab and he was making a lot of waves or so I heard.
But then one day I show up to Shrileka's office and she was practically in tears ...
Shrilekha was a super nice little short woman from India .....
"Did you read the email K.J. just sent?" She tells me. "No. I have not ..."

Then I read the email. It was not a nice email. K.J. went after her big time putting down her work ....
It was brutal. Nasty .... And so many people received that email ....

"Brace Yourself K.J. Saint John Is Coming After Your ass." And I did. We clashed for a couple
of years ....

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And then we became friends. Just like that. I don't even remember how.
Maybe we both got tired. We did have one thing in common. We both
liked Ganja. .... Me being Moroccan and all ....

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Dernière édition:
So one afternoon I paid K. J. a surprise visit. I wanted him to see my new baby Little Aya.
He and this other rich kid from Marin County were renting this very nice house in the hills ....
And so while K.J. was chatting with my wife Siham and playing with Little Aya, I stepped
out to smoke a cigarette. The roomate followed me to tell me that K.J. was in big trouble.

"Yo. Saint John. K.J is abusing these pills ...."
"What are they? Never heard of them"
"It is like Heroin Saint John"

sorry uh oh GIF by Productions Deferlantes

The roomate continues.
"He has been borrowing tons of money ... Last month he did not even pay rent ..."
"What? Well how much do these pills cost?"
"100 dollars a pill and he takes a bunch of them every day."

"Wow. What about the other guys? Jason, Josh, ... Do they know?"
"Oh yeah. They know. But he is their boss man ... They are not going to do anything ..."

Season 5 Yes GIF by Friends

Well I took care of it the very next day. I told the right person. I went high up. I told The Boss Lady. She was also his friend ..."
And so she helped him out ... She did not give him many choices. This way Or The Highway. Yes she can be tough .... She Was The Boss.

He did well ... He kicked it and survived to live another day. He called me one time and thanked me. I had moved to Cisco Systems. ....

Well he died of cancer a few years later ... Age 42. Crazy Right?

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Dernière édition:
Saint John Lost It

I was in a this wing with many offices and cubicles ... The
wing used mainly by administrative employees ... Mostly women.
Secretaries ....

I was making copies ... and then this couple from India walked in .... The wife was nice. She used
to come to me for help .... Her husband had just joined the lab. He was working for K.J.

So I greeted them by nodding my head .... His wife said Hi. The husband did not see me nod
my head so he thought I just ignored the both of them and The Focker Gave Me The Finger.

I went crazy. I did not expect that. I yelled at him: "I will take that focking finger of yours and shove it your ass you MF".
And everyone heard me ....

Season 8 Wow GIF by The Office

So now I realized that I went too far and so I go to Mary T.'s office and I related the story. She was the deputy.
"Ignore him. Stay the hell away from him. K.J. is taking care of him. He will be gone soon"

Scarlett Johansson Reaction GIF
Years later I ran into this colleague in the hallway and he told me that the Focker
was applying for a job ... He was asking me if I would recommend him ...
The Focker wanted to come back to the lab using a different door ...

That 70S Show Lol GIF by Peacock

I said "Negative. Nope. Hell No ..." And then I added:
"If you want more details, reach out to K.J. He knows him best"

Cracking Up Lol GIF
A Sad Ending.

Like I said I knew his wife .... My ex Sophia helped her get her driving permit ... I also
knew that she was having marital problems .... The Focker was doing his Phd somewhere
on the East coast and she was here with us on the West ... Shrilekha, her best friend, used to tell me things
about the Focker giving hard time to our friend and colleague ...

Anyways the Focker comes to the lab. K.J gave him a job .... and I used to see them
and park their car in the pit and he would always walk a few meters ahead of her.
Never seen them walking side by side ...

The Goldbergs What GIF by ABC Network

We worked on different projects so I did not interact with the MF .... Well until that day
when told him that I would take his finger and shove it up his ass. ...

A few years later, she committed suicide .... She swallowed
some pills .... We were told the doctors almost saved her. She opened her eyes ...
They let her rest and then she died.

Poor woman. She was nice .... Everyone liked her. .. She married a major asshole. What else can I say?

It Is What It Is Cats GIF by BuzzFeed

You know what bothers me. She helped him pay for his PhD and of course the MF gets all her money.
The death insurance. The government pension .... No kids and he was the husband ...

angry kristen wiig GIF
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