Maroc : remaniement ministériel imminent

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Le Chef du gouvernement marocain, Aziz Akhannouch, prévoit de réaménager son équipe. Certains ministres devraient perdre leurs postes.
Dans une récente déclaration à la presse, Aziz Akhannouch a confirmé l'imminence d'un remaniement de mi-mandat. Le remaniement tiendra compte de la nouvelle configuration des partis membres de la majorité qui ont renouvelé leurs équipes dirigeantes. Ainsi, le Parti Authenticité et Modernité (PAM), qui a élu un triumvirat à la tête de sa direction (...)

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Maroc : remaniement ministériel imminent

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Pisst. Khnishish. Do us all a favor. Get rid of this Joker. A Goddamn Disgrace to The Justice System.


As far as you are concerned, we will wait for "your friend" The King to get rid of your Fat Ass.

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Khnishish Let me tell you a couple of stories about Khalti Lbatul.

Khalti Lbatul. Part 1:

Khalti Lbatul has a nice villa in the Imperial Marrakesh. And she is always at home.
She hardly leaves the villa. When I go visit her, 99.9% she is at home. 50% she
will the open the door with a big smile. In August most people from Marrakesh
would go somewhere else. Not Khalti Lbatul. When the sun sets, she waters
the plants and she sits in her garden. She has a big garden. The villa is huge.
Coffee is always served. She likes it with Cinnamon. (El Karfa).

The minute I arrive to Marrakesh back from USA, I go see La Karima and then after
that I go see Khalti Lbatul. She can be funny and always smiling. Nice smile.

This one time, she was watching the news on TV ... And I see a bunch of "dignitaries" hijacking
the King's hands and kissing it, turning it over and kissing it again. The King is trying
to pull his hand but they don't let go. ... Does that sound familiar to you Khnishish?

So I turn around to Khalti Lbatul and I say. "Good God. They are still doing that?"

Khalti Lbatul. "They Deserve it." And we laugh. .... I told you she can be funny.

Khnishish. What do you think Khalti Lbatul meant by that?

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Khalti Lbatul. Part 2:

Khnishish you can learn a lot from Khalti Lbatul.
She was a traditional
woman. The opposite of her cousin La Karima my mother. You see
La Karima revolted. She finished her education. She got a job.
She was one of the first women to drive a car in the Imperial

Khalti LBatul. No. She loved taking it easy in that Villa. Beautiful Villa. Relaxed. Always
smiling .... Cute smile too. But she was a bright cookie. She knew that there is something
with a "man" who bends down to greet the King and hijack the King's hand
and pull on the King's hand and kiss it right left and center .... Good God.

Do you agree with Khalti Lbatul Khnishish? Or do you want to re-educate her?

What Say You Khninish? I am waiting. I Am All Ears.

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Khnishish you kind of remind me of this guy.

He spoke a lot about bravery and courage but in the the end he turned out to be A COWARD.

You want to give us that illusion that you are Loyal to the Alaouite Throne.
Is that it? Well I Have My Doubts. When I see a fat gorilla like you bend down like that in front
the King I Get Suspicious.

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And I see you running when the going gets tough .. Am I Wrong?

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Good Morning Khnishish.

Khalti Lbatul. Part 3:

Meet Khalti Lbatul's Little Brother.


He Stands Tall. You Will Not Find A Photo Or A Video Of Him Humiliating Himself In Front Of His King Hassan II.

Khalti Lbatul May Give You Another Chance. Not Me.
Not After That "Re-educating the Moroccans"
So You Want Show Loyalty To The
Alaouite Throne. You RESIGN.

We cannot have little Moroccan kids watching TV and seeing a Fat Gorilla and "A Chef Of The Gouvernement" bending down
like a Monkey in front of The King. We Just Can't Afford It.

We Have Come A Long Way. And Monkeys Like You Need To Go.

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Dernière édition:
Khalti Lbatul. Part 4:

So after the Big One. The Earthquake. I Call Dar Khalti Lbatul. Her First Son Answers. A Pure Marrakshi.

Saint John: "Salam."
Khalti LBatu's First Son: "Ahlan. Oueld Khalti Karima. God Bless Her. ..."
Saint John: "Is Everyone Ok?"
Khalti LBatu's First Son: "All good ... I talked to your sisters ...."
Saint John: "Oh you did. I hear many houses suffered damage ...Is the house ok?"
Khalti LBatu's First Son: "No damage here. ZERO. ... This house was built with Rocks From Jbel Gueliz"

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Pisst Khninish.

The Moroccan People are bored. The "Khnishish The Monkey" act is getting old.
So I have been doing some thinking. I know. I know.

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Bear with me. I think I am onto something here. Why don't you bring back Benkiki? It will be like the old times.
You can keep being The Monkey and he can be The Hlaiqi. He is good at it. What do you think?

I mean think about it. Benkiki is not going to cost us much. He is already collecting around 7000 dollars a month.
You know that "gift" from The King that he could not refuse.

Hey. Look. I will do both of you a solid. I will reserve a space for both for you to entertain the masses
in my hometown. Marrakesh. Ya the Square. Jameh El Fna. I can put you guys right next to the Snake Charmers.

And I will also thrown in the Orange Juice for free. How does that sound?
Dernière édition:
The Basri Days.

I come back from Tangiers where I was attending the American School Of Tangiers.
My dad was running for the elections ... Photos of him are all over the walls ...
The house was full of people. Saint John's Dad In Action. The elections
were in a few days ... Excitement In The Air.

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And then La Karima got a phone call from Rabat Capital Of Morocco.
She tells me to go get my dad who was downstairs running the show.
He comes up and she tells him. "It is a NO GO for you. ..."

Khnishish. O King Of The Monkeys. Did anything change? Or is It Still Monkeys ONLY.

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Meet Khalti Lbatul's Little Brother.
He Stands Tall
. You Will Not Find A Photo Or A Video Of Him Humiliating Himself In Front Of His King Hassan II.

The Young Omar Hilale Behind Oueld Khalti Aalia.

Dean Of All Universities In Rabat Capital Of Morocco. The Dean Of The Deans.
Moroccan Ambassador To Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Secretary General
Of The Islamic Organization Based In Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
And Finally He Was Put In Charge By King Hassan To Oversee The Education Of The Crown Prince. NOW KING OF MORROCCO.
So of course when I read this, I SMILE. I remember things .Good things... God Bless Him. He Used To Mess With Me And He Would
Call Me The American.

« La diplomatie algérienne souffre du syndrome du nanisme »​


Au C24, Omar Hilale dénonce les pressions de l’ambassadeur algérien sur les délégations soutenant la marocanité du Sahara​

«Le terrorisme diplomatique algérien est bien connu des délégations amies soutenant l’intégrité territoriale du Royaume, tant au C24, qu’à la quatrième commission et à l’Assemblée générale à New York, y compris dans leurs capitales respectives, et malheureusement aujourd’hui à Caracas», a déploré Omar Hilale, avant d’interpeller son confrère algérien: «Nous ne sommes pas à Alger M. l’ambassadeur».

"I Cannot Speak for Oueld Khalti Aalia. But You Are Doing A Great Job.
I Am Seriously Considering ComingTo See You In New York
Just To Say Hello."

Maata Abou Jahl. Fa Aacha Jahl Yateeman. ... No worries. Jahl Has Been Adopted By The Karaghila.

Good Morning Khnishish. It Is Sunday. Looks like it is going to be a nice day in the Bay Area.

This kissing the hands ... I am not big on it. So i have told my mother La Karima to not have my little Aya
kiss her hands .... I explained her my take on it .... She did not say much ... She just nodded.

A few years pass and little Adam was born .... He goes with his Mom and sister to Morocco ....

So when I pick them up at SFO I chat with little Adam.

"So Adam how was Morocco?"
"good ..."
"Did you spend some good time with your Grandma La Karima?"
"Did she ask you to kiss her hands?"
"And did you?"


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