The Infuriated People

Some people like to engage in a healthy, happy, and positive conversations. They can learn new things and have the chance to express themselves properly and respectfully. If they are experiencing language barrier or cannot write in English and still eager wanting to post their opposing opinions(not insults), they use baby words to express themselves. And it is O.K. to do that in English. Forum is also schooling for some people in my opinion.

I was reading one of the two posts that was submitted by Aigleloyal. One of which was deleted (it wasn't me who requested that. I will never request a topic to be deleted) and the other one still running. Here is what he/she posted:


What do you think?
If you were this person, would you post this message?
If you were chatting with this person what could you possibly learn from him/her?
How this person could affect your thinking? Positively? Negatively?

Look for a picture and write a story in which you are dealing with a furious person. Read all his/her posts to add more details to your story.
I think the infuriated people are most likely lost in a limbo and dark thinking. Arguably, all they can produce is uncouth behavior and their mood grows blacker by the minute at each message you say to them. They start slightly happy a conversation and end up in a quarrel most of the time. I am not kidding. It is hell chatting with a person like this who is only better to terribly harm your mind. Imagine if you are living with this person under same roof. worst companion ever.

Not only they see the cup half empty but they want others to think like them. I wish they could convince us, but they don't. They are negatively affecting the mind and the body of whomever listening to their blah blah speeches. At some point they can shamelessly insult you and reward you with an emoji (which does not interest me at all) to make you feel part of the group. Oh dear God!

They believe the only dipping sauce is mayonnaise and ketchup is not an option. Mayonnaise is unhealthy, science has proved it now.
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I have written a question to Merriam Webster dictionary seeking for some explanation and here is what I wrote:

Good morning,

I have noticed lately that when I am writing to French people in English language in a forum, they get mad. I mean really mad. And I am very interested to know why this is happening?

We share the same culture but I am more comfortable to chat with them in English rather French. Is this something related to languages clashes?

Thank you for your answer.

Monika Mizinska​

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How to Anger a Moroccan​

Here are some tips on what angers Moroccans. She says.

1 Say Moroccan food is so so
2 Go mad if they are late
3 Don’t value Amazigh roots
4 Call Morocco a Middle-Eastern country
5 Argue about religion
6 Ridicule a guy in public
7 Suggest that they are the 3rd world country
8 Say "Western Sahara" instead of "Moroccan Sahara"
9 Send them this article
10 Talk to them in English

Moroccans are among the angriest populations in the world, a Gallup report reveals

Moroccans are among the angriest populations in the world
«more than four in 10 residents in Morocco (…) said they were angry a lot the previous day».
...the angriest and most stressed populations in the world.

It must be true I guess