The Word Amazigh


It seems that Berbers called themselves Imazighen or Amazigh, which means free men in the sense they were free from external control, unlike the inhabitants of the towns, who belonged to tribe. I found the word amazigh very interesting word. Thus, I wanted to use it as an English word for my everyday writing hoping one day it will enter the Merriam Webster Dictionary with the meaning To Free

Here is how I think I can use it

My name is Whoda and in my amazigh time I read English stories to the blind using WhatsApp. Each Sunday morning at 11:00, I connect with my group. We are only five members including me and we are all wonderful people. Usually, people read newspapers or listen to the radio on a Sunday, but we don't. Radio stations of insipid contents are not our interest. We do something else more interesting which is: the blind listen and I read to them out loud

Our favorite stories are Alfred Hitchcock's Death Bag, Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the chamber of secret, and much more. All these books were amazighly downloaded at

The amazigh download of books is simple, easy, and anyone can do it. It saves trees and helps Moroccan to amazigh their minds from a colonial language

If you find the word amazigh interesting, please use it so often