From The Royal Palace. FIFA. Official. The King. The Alaouite. World Cup 2030. Morocco. Spain. Portugal

في ما يلي بلاغ للديوان الملكي: "يزف صاحب الجلالة الملك محمد السادس، نصره الله، بفرحة كبيرة للشعب المغربي خبر اعتماد مجلس الاتحاد الدولي لكرة القدم، بالإجماع، لملف المغرب – إسبانيا –
البرتغال كترشيح وحيد لتنظيم كأس العالم 2030 لكرة القدم.

ويمثل هذا القرار إشادة واعترافا بالمكانة الخاصة التي يحظى بها المغرب بين الأمم الكبرى.

وبهذه المناسبة، أعرب جلالة الملك عن تهانئه لمملكة إسبانيا وجمهورية البرتغال، مجددا جلالته التأكيد على التزام المملكة المغربية بالعمل، في تكامل تام، مع الهيئات المكلفة بهذا الملف في البلدان المضيفة."

This Man here was in charge of the Education Of The Prince Now King when he attended the university in Rabat.

God Bless Oueld Khalti Alia Sister Of Saint John's Grandma Fatima.


We can see Omar Hilale Right Behind La Karima's Favorite Cousin. Before every Ramadane
she would send him (and others) the Halwa Chabakia .... From The Imperial Marrakesh to Rabat.
God Bless Them All.

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وكان الملك محمد السادس زفّ للشعب المغربي، قبل قليل، عبر بلاغ للديوان الملكي، أن “مجلس الاتحاد الدولي لكرة القدم قرر بالإجماع اعتماد ملف المغرب – إسبانيا – البرتغال كترشيح وحيد لاستضافة كأس العالم 2030 لكرة القدم”.

وأضاف البلاغ أن “هذا القرار يمثل إشادة واعترافا بالمكانة الخاصة التي يحظى بها المغرب بين الأمم الكبرى”.

I was in Rabat Morocco a couple of years ago. I was by myself doing some sightseeing in the Medina.
It was summer time. Beautiful. And then I walked into this restaurant with a door that is part of the medina
walls. That intrigued me. Also I saw a sign saying Couscous and Buttermilk. (Laban/Lben)

So I walk in and with a serious tone I tell the man in charge behind the counter. "Hey. I see the picture
of Mohammed VI on the wall. But I don't see the picture of My King. Hassan II. What s going on?"

The poor guy hesitated. Then I smiled and he relaxed. I enjoy doing shit like that. That is why La Karima
called me Lehbil. Lemserfeh. ..... God Bless Them All.

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The restaurant had a good comeback. "You know He is not that far. You can go visit Him"

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Dernière édition:
A guy like me would be retired by 2030. And in Morocco. Oh yes.
Just hope I will still be alive and kicking. If all goes it would
my third world cup. 1994 and 2026 USA. And 2030 Morocco.

1994 I went to Orlando to watch Morocco-Belgium. Then
back to New York to watch Morocco-Saudi Arabia.
The plan was to go back to Orlando but after two defeats
I did not go.

Orlando 1994. Against Belgium. Bahja and Chaouch from the Kawkab Of Marrakech.

Qatar 2022. Morocco Against Belgium.
Peter Drury: Mayhem. Drink It In
Casablanca. Relish It Rabat. This Is Your Night.

Oublions ce match et revenons a la source ....

J'etais a quelque metres du Grand Hazzaz quand le Moghreb de Fes venait Marrakech
jouer contre la petite Mouloudia de Marrakech dans un peiti terrain sans tribune
et sans gazon. Une annexe du terrain Harti qui etait "reserve" pour le Kawkab ....

Il crie tres fort ... Un Lion. Je me rappelle un peu des
Match Maroc-Tunisie. Hazzaz Contre Attouga.

Man We Have Come A Long Way. El Hazzaz.
I was a kid watching him play in a stadium
with no grass and no stands ....

God Bless Him.

2030. My God. I wonder if they would let me in for free.
In Marrakesh they never stopped me,. In fact sometimes
they even invited me to watch from the pitch. ...

Whatever.. I know. and they know They can't deny me. Oueld La Karima. God Bless Her.

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Aaasila. Chabab Mohammadia.

I got to watch him play in a small stadium with no stands and and no grass.
Fans just stood around the Field. That day, The Chabab Mohammadia
came to play against the little club of the Mouloudia Of Marrakesh
which has climbed to the first division for the first time.

Little Saint John was with his Dad spending a Quality Sunday
In The Imperial Marrakesh Watching the Legends.

And When There Is
Aassila, There Is Faras. Yes The Legends.

Saturday. Exciting. African Soccer. The Ivory Coast. Morocco. The Atlas Lions Versus The Elephants.
I Like The Elephants. One Of My Favorite Teams. A Little Chip At The Last Minute In The First Half.

Abidjan. Ivory Coast.