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I learned a new word today. what about you ? share it !

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exactly what I mean

normal to be puzzled when a world has significations which have nothing to do one anothers..

But I have been facing these situations for years, and usually, I don't have any trouble understanding words or expressions I would never have guessed, on the spot, just with the context. It just took me longer for this one lol


Hi :bizarre:

Today, I've learned that the word "Eventually" does not mean "Eventuellement" as a francophone might think instinctivly ! I'm shocked, beause I've always thought so ! I've always used it as "Eventuellement" god damn it ! lol

It actually means something like "Finally" !

Explanation here :


I wonder how many confusions and misunderstanding I might have caused because of that haha

PS : It's like "Actually" whish does not mean "Actuellement" ... I'll let you investigate about it if you don't know the answer huhu

This is an attempt to resurect our good-old and ill-treated Board in English.
Shamefully thrown away from the Bladi Froms main page :pleurs: And cause i'm bored.
that happens because we think in French while we speak english